Chocolate Kingdom

Chocolate Kingdom

1. Belgium

Belgium founded hamie chocolate in 1983 and decided to offer the best belgian haton chocolate in the world. 85% of the products are exported to more than 60 countries around the world. Founded 30 years ago by guy and lilian fubert, gillian is belgium's largest chocolate box producer, producing 75 tons of premium chocolate every day in 132 countries around the world. Gillian is a chocolate brand that has won gold medals for the belgian royal family, including seven in a row (snowflake), snowball, classic, gem, lover and world. This was called "the attack on the brown empire".

2. Switzerland

In fact, switzerland has a saying in the chocolate kingdom: in switzerland, in addition to watches and knives, there is a popular item, which is chocolate. Swiss chocolate has a variety of mid-range chocolates, which makes it the perfect gift. Milk chocolate is available in switzerland. Because it is very difficult to regulate the temperature of milk, although many tests have been conducted throughout europe, they have not been successful. In the early 19th century, chocolate was the only foreign product in switzerland. But two centuries later, switzerland became a brown kingdom in the eyes of the world. This is most likely due to the fact that switzerland, which is smarter and more creative, has repeatedly improved its chocolate production methods and ensured that chocolate understands the difference from a more expensive product to a heavier product. With different types of chocolate, there are different groups who enjoy it. Hard chocolate is the most popular in europe, where chocolate is the main consumer market. But peanut chocolate is popular in eastern societies, especially for its taste of peanuts and biscuits.

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