Advantages of air flow packaging machine

Advantages of air flow packaging machine

The carbon steel surface is sprayed with plastic or made of selected stainless steel, so it is durable and easy to clean

It is easy to clean, and the bottom pull down type fully open hatch is designed to avoid cross contamination when replacing new products

The air blowing feeding system achieves high productivity while maintaining high degree

The control device is easy to operate and can set multiple groups of packaging parameters once set

The pneumatic and electrical control elements are installed in the positive pressure closed box to ensure a dust-free environment for the components

Can be quickly adjusted to suit different bag sizes

The core of the packaging machine is the automatic bagging valve port controller with Chinese display. The interface is simple to operate, and the operator can easily master all operations

Don't worry about security, because you can protect the operator's access level by adding a password

The modular packaging system is flexible in operation and can be used together with most filling systems and weighing machines. The same control panel can be extended to operate all packaging machines and weighing machines

Pneumatic and electronic components used by the packaging machine, such as metalwork, Schneider, SMC, etc.
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