Are Eye Care Stickers, Eye Cream, And Eye Care Devices Useful?

Are Eye Care Stickers, Eye Cream, And Eye Care Devices Useful?

June 27, 2022 marks the 27th national “Valentine’s Day Eye” and this year’s theme is “Controlling Global Eye Health and Building Eye Color Health Together”. It has become a national health priority.

Many layers of short mipe are responsible for the constant appearance of "eye care products" on the market, such as contact lenses, goggles, and goggles that claim to reduce and reduce eye fatigue. They say they remove muscle spasms and treat vision lightly. So from a therapeutic point of view, do these medicine really work wonders? What is the effect of this?

In this regard, Daihon, chief ophthalmologist at Beijing Hospital, said in an interview with a reporter for China Economic Net that he had recently agreed with glaucoma prevention and management experts to participate in the story. There are only two effective adaptive strategies for preventing and managing blindness. One is exercising outside and the other is OK glasses and atropine. In addition, other medicine and agents are not effective in preventing and treating visual impairment. Specifically stated by OK Miller and atropine that myopic medicine prevent myopia to some extent and are completely effective.

For some of the “visual protectors” on the market, Daihon has subtly changed the concept in advertisements, citing consumers as “eye medicines” for adaptations to visual fatigue or pseudomyopia. It reminded me of a misunderstanding. He emphasized that the gaze cannot be cured effectively because it cannot be changed.

A few days ago, the Chinese Consumers Association stated that the "eye products" on the market, such as contact lenses, eye drops, glasses, and AccuPoint handheld devices, were on the market. I realized I had sent a customer call. "Recovery". There are also compelling slogans such as "Decrease Eye Tension", "Decrease Eye Tension", "Improve Vision", "Heal Myopia", "Proximity to the Enemy" and "Degree" and "Achievement". Consumers, there is a model. Many of these ads have no scientific evidence and not only violate consumers' right to know, but some consumers believe that proper vision therapy is easy. Meanwhile, some traditional herbal remedies include moisturizers, ear drops, shoe ointments, training equipment, massages and other ointments and other services for children and teenagers with glasses, as well as eye drops, ear drops and special glasses. Although it may seem like a scientific way to treat blindness, some consumers may have some “results” after trying or agreeing with the work. According to some experts, muscle relaxation can alleviate some of the symptoms of visual fatigue, but the focus remains on it.

Zhu Jin, vice president and general secretary of the Chengdu Vision Protection and Health Promotion Association, and Kavi Aigo, president of the Internet Hospital, spoke with a reporter at the China Economic Network about treating vision. “A lot of chemistry monitors,” he noted. "The goal is to improve vision. But of course, if you're concerned about visual efficiency, it's not just visual acuity."
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