Assorted Capsules

Assorted Capsules

There are different types of medicinal capsules. For products, it can be divided into traditional capsules (also called gelatin capsules, animal capsules) and herbal capsules. Traditional capsules are made from animal skins, bones and stoma with complex physical and chemical treatments without fat and high protein.

Herbal capsules (also called hall capsules) are plant capsules made from plant cellulose or water-soluble polysaccharides, where cellulose is 2-hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, usually for small threaded capsules or wood dill capsules. For example, carrageenan, pectin, agar, sodium alginate and guar gum have some properties, as do plant-origin and animal gelatin.

Physically, medicine capsules can be divided into two categories: hard capsules and soft capsules (also called capsules). Solid volume capsules are made with the correct amount of medicine or granule along with a certain amount of medicine (or medicine extract), which are packaged in empty solid capsules. Soft capsules are made by diluting a certain amount of medicine (or medicine extract) with appropriate stimulation and then enclosing it as an olive by compression (or drop) into a round or soft capsule.

The capsules can be mixed in the stomach and broken into enteric envelopes where the medicine is removed from the body. While the form of the dissolved form in the stomach is associated with the release of the medicine in the abdominal capsule, the enteric-encapsulated form contains special medicinal polymeric materials or treatments in the capsule cells that are not dissolved in gastric juice but only in it. Intestinal juice The active pharmaceutical ingredients depend on the size of the capsule. There are multiple

Regardless of the type of pharmaceutical capsule, the main ingredients in capsule making are blends of medical gelatin, dietary gelatin, food coloring and other auxiliary ingredients, in liquid raw materials, then mold them for compression molding. They then fill the capsule with powder or liquid medicine to make the medicine. Capsules are usually double-locked, which means that once the capsules are formed, they are pre-locked before the medicine is taken and completely locked after the medicine is filled.

Currently, traditional capsule medicines are more than 90% of the market, while herbal capsule medicines are only 5% -10%.

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