Can Boiling Pear Soup Really Moisten The Lungs And Relieve Cough? Teach You How To Eat Pears In Winter

Can Boiling Pear Soup Really Moisten The Lungs And Relieve Cough? Teach You How To Eat Pears In Winter

As the autumn and winter seasons enter, the weather is getting drier and drier. Even with the humidifier turned on, many people still wake up with a dry cough and a dry cough at night. When I went to the supermarket, fresh pears were on the market. Many mothers asked whether they should buy some pears or cook some rock sugar Sydney soup for their children, saying that they have the effect of moistening the lungs and relieving cough. There are also many programs on TV that talk about the benefits of eating pears in autumn and winter, such as moistening the lungs and relieving cough, reducing phlegm and quenching thirst, etc. It is also recommended that we eat a pear every morning and evening. Is eating pears really that good? Do you want to buy pears?

The moisture of pears produces a feeling of moisturizing the lungs and relieving coughs

85% of pears are water, the taste is crisp, sweet and sour, so pears are very effective as a thirst-quenching fruit that replenishes water. Therefore, pears are indeed fruits with high water content, which can indeed add water to our bodies and relieve coughs caused by dryness. However, although in many advertisements, we often see the claim that pears can "moisten the lungs and relieve cough", but there is no formal scientific research in this area.

Of course, because pears have a lot of water, eating pears is really good for replenishing water, and it can also relieve symptoms such as throat discomfort and cough caused by dryness. Especially friends with pharyngitis, eating pears can indeed make the throat a lot more comfortable. After drinking pear soup made from pears, the throat feels refreshed, not because of any special ingredients in pears, but also because of the result of adding water. In fact, drinking more water has the same effect. However, although pears and pear soup do not have the legendary cough-relieving effect, they do not prevent us from enjoying its delicious taste.

Pears are cool and can't be eaten raw? related to your gastrointestinal condition

However, some people say that people with deficient constitution and cold abdominal pain should not eat pears raw, because pears are cold in nature, they will cause stomach pains and diarrhea, especially girls, they must not eat raw pears. In fact, this statement is a bit of a mischief. There may be two reasons why some people feel uncomfortable after eating pears.

On the one hand, it may be because of the dietary fiber of pears. When eating pears, many people will feel that some varieties of pears seem to have hard residue in the pulp, and the taste is relatively rough. Some people will not digest well and feel uncomfortable. But in fact they are all dietary fiber.

On the other hand, it could be because of the low temperature. When the weather is cold, if you eat cold fruits, some people's stomach will not be able to accept the cold temperature, and they will feel uncomfortable.

If you have problems such as a bad stomach and easy diarrhea, eating raw and cold pears will feel uncomfortable, or even have stomach pains and other discomforts. You can consider eating less or heating the pears to make soup before eating them. However, as long as you have no problems with your stomach, you can eat it raw or cold.

White pears, green pears, pineapples... Which one is more nutritious?

There are also various types of pears in the supermarket, including white pears, green pears, and even yellow-brown pears. Do they have big nutritional differences? Which one is better to buy? In fact, pears of different colors and shapes are just different varieties. Although the taste will be different, the overall impact is not very different. Which one you want to buy depends on which one you like to eat.

There are many kinds of pears, for example, there are sand pears with rough skin, Sydney pears with smooth body, large juicy duck pears, and lovely Gong pears. Although there are so many varieties of pears, on average, large families of pears have their own nutritional characteristics in common.

We all know that vitamin A is very important for maintaining normal vision. If you lack vitamin A, you will not be able to see things clearly at dusk. This symptom is called "night blindness". Pears are rich in carotene, which can be converted into vitamin A in the human body. Pears are also rich in vitamin B2, which can promote the normal growth of skin, nails, and hair, and prevent and eliminate angular cheilitis.

How to eat pears healthier? Pears have a lot of sugar, and it is not recommended to eat more

There are many people who say that they should eat a pear each morning and evening, saying that eating this way is healthier. Is this really necessary? Actually not necessary. First of all, in the fruit family, pears do not have very prominent nutritional advantages, it can only be regarded as a middle and lower level. Moreover, pears are big and heavy. If you eat two pears, the smaller ones are 200-300 grams, and the larger ones are more than a pound, which takes up more of the stomach and has a lot of sugar, which is actually not very good for health. Moreover, eating only pears in the morning and evening is obviously not in line with the principles of food diversity and moderation recommended by my country's dietary guidelines.

1. Eat with other fruits and eat them together. my country's dietary guidelines recommend that everyone pay attention to dietary diversity, and strive to eat at least 10 kinds of vegetables and fruits every week. Especially for friends who like to eat pears very much, the fruit can not only eat pears, but can be mixed with apples, winter jujubes, persimmons, grapes, etc., and eat a little of each fruit.

2. Eat pears in moderation. Adults are recommended to eat 200-350 grams of fresh fruit per day. Different varieties of pears vary greatly in size and individual weight. If you eat too much fruit, it is easy to have the problem of excess sugar and excess energy. It is good not to eat too much.
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