Can Chewing Gum "keep The Clouds And See The Moon"

Can Chewing Gum "keep The Clouds And See The Moon"

From the Green Arrow, which marked “fresh breath,” to “Yida to protect teeth,” chewing gum rage. However, chewing gum is becoming less and less visible in people’s lives these days. As a chewing gum that was once enjoyed all over the world and has become an important import item in my country, what impact has it had on the rapid decline in sales and the multitude of “products”? change it?

The industry is severely affected

Gum consists mainly of natural rubber or glycerin resin as a colloidal base and syrup, mint, sweetener, etc. is made by adding. The rubber can be divided into sheet rubber, tablet rubber and sugar coated rubber based on its shape; They can be divided into sugar-free rubber, non-stick rubber and sanitary rubber according to their function.

Most people like to chew food in addition to a normal diet, to pass the time, and use the tendency to “move their mouths” to relieve stress, which is why chewing gum was born. Since its inception, chewing gum has not only helped consumers spend their time, but also keeping their breath fresh, body and soul fresh.

Chewing gum has thus become an indispensable snack for many consumers for a long time: although it does not relieve hunger, it is a better pastime and a blessing of image.

However, because chewing gum is a small processed industrial product, the price is cheap, the production model is small, with little profit but fast turnover, so the market consumption demand has a great impact on the product. As similar products or related industries fail in the market, their growth will suffer. Industry insiders point out that the main drivers of the impact of the chewing gum industry are:

The emergence of substitute products has increased consumer choice. After entering the 21st century, public awareness of oral hygiene increased and the size of the oral consumer goods market expanded, prompting the majority of consumers to switch to related markets for the “dental economy” and the gum market began to grow gradually. collapse.

However, the role of chewing gum in fresh breath has been replaced by other products. A number of edible, fresh-breathing caramel products have appeared on the market. Consumers have more choices and prefer products that are fresh, less harmful to their teeth, and have a new, unique design.

Electronic products that replace certain social functions of chewing gum Consumers prefer a product, mainly because of the product's functions such as compaction and concentration - this is an additional functional feature of the product that provides a certain level of experience to the consumer. Type of service. It can be said that the chewing gum is playful and partially satisfies the entertainment and stress-relieving needs of consumers.

With the development of information technology and the age of the internet, mobile phones, computers and all kinds of electronic products have gradually become the basic needs of consumers. In addition, the technology of electronic products is being updated year by year, the functions of products are becoming more diverse, and the services provided to consumers are becoming more diverse, so there is a lot of free time.

Compared to monotonous and tiring, repetitive chewing gum, the full range of consumer goods offered by the Internet industry occupies an additional consumption space for the population.

The advent of mobile payments has reduced the incentive for consumers to shop. In 2014, the size of the chewing gum market in my country peaked at 12 billion yuan and then gradually decreased. In 2018, the market was only 10.1 billion yuan. , and a compound annual growth rate of -3.8%. Insiders believe this is due to the release of mobile payment around 2014. Just as takeaway platforms have smashed the instant pasta industry, so has the popularity of mobile payments.

First, the popularity of mobile payments has significantly speeded up the payment process in supermarkets: people spend less time in front of the cashier and, of course, don’t have as much time to buy a package, chewing impulsive gum. Second, hem
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