Can you eat spicy strips to lose weight?

Can you eat spicy strips to lose weight?

1. Dieting is a method of losing weight, that is, reducing the intake of excess calories. Spicy sticks are one of the ways of calorie intake. If the dieter has consumed too many calories through other means other than spicy sticks (such as eating too much meat, fried products, other high-calorie foods, etc.), plus 5 Dime spicy strips may make you fat

2. If you don't eat high-calorie food during weight loss, just eat 5 cents of spicy strips, it will not have much effect on gaining weight

3. Health reminder: Although you control the intake of excessive calories during weight loss, it does not mean that you should not eat any high-calorie food (such as not eating meat at all). Although this may seem good, its side effect is to cause malnutrition, which is not acceptable. taken.

Improving physique is one of the key points of weight loss. The method is to insist on regular physical exercise. It is recommended to do a good job in both diet and exercise, and weight loss will be more effective.

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