Can't Swallow The Capsule And Take It Apart? Can Capsules Be Split?

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If you're taking medication in capsules that you haven't used before: let's separate the capsules and put water on the powder inside, is it really okay? Why capsules? Is it harmful to human body?
1. External charging
since gelatin capsules are mainly produced by pigs, direct ingestion of the capsules will not cause harm to the human body. Medicines are made from tablets and are used for three main purposes;
first, the unpleasant smell of the saint must be removed, the irritation must be removed;
second, some drugs are quickly broken down by gastric ulcers or severe gastric ulcers and thrown into enteric-coated capsules to remove the duodenal capsule.
third, some over-the-counter or over-the-counter drugs are fully absorbed, releasing the drug on a dose scale for maximum potency. Whether the capsules can be taken alone depends on their therapeutic properties.
2. Reject the capsule

enteric capsules: enteric-coated capsules filled with gastric fluid do not dissolve, but dissolve and dissolve in intestinal fluids. Some medicines may upset the stomach (such as aspirin wash), and some should not be used to treat stomach acid (such as enteric-coated omeprazole).
bitterness and fragrance: some herbs have a strong or pungent odor when used. There are also medications that can cause ulcers, such as minocycline hydrochloride capsules, which can burn the throat and cause ulcers, so these medications should be avoided.
3. Tablets can be distributed
regular tablet: the only simple package feature of this medicine is a fixed dose, which can be taken individually. For example, many cephalosporins, quinolone antibiotics, and chinese herbal medicines can be taken separately and added to water. However, powders contain certain types of tablets that dissolve easily or well in the mouth, so patients should drink water immediately in case of topical overdose or inappropriate doses. And many more. Consider.
pills with "release" or "release" pills: most medicines cannot be distinguished by the words "release" and "release-release", but some pills contain unsafe pills. If necessary, open the capsule and take a small tablet.
4. United tombstone
also, "broken wall" capsules are not recommended unless a clear warning suggests you may be mistaken, without the advice of a doctor or pharmacist. Negative things. If you can't actually swallow the capsule, you can replace the tablet with the same medicine.

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