Capsule board technical parameters

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Capsule board technical parameters:
Pass rate: ≥99%
Yield: 1500—2000 grains/h
Grinding plate accuracy: R0.05mm
Capsule filling board It is composed of guide arrangement plate, cap plate, middle plate, body plate and scraper plate processed from plexiglass plate. Precise size, simple to use, fast and convenient filling, and uniform filling. Imitation of mechanical automatic arrangement design, the capsule arrangement speed is fast and the automatic arrangement rate is high. The whole board is automatically arranged, the whole board is filled with powder, the whole board is capped, and the work efficiency is high, and the capsule qualification rate is high.
Scope of application: Capsule filling board is suitable for small pharmaceutical factories, hospital preparation rooms, clinics, pharmacies, Chinese pharmacies, nourishing health care products stores, scientific research institutions, laboratories and families, etc. Packed (filled) into a hollow capsule.
Product composition: guide arrangement plate, capsule cap plate, intermediate plate, capsule body plate, powder scraping plate
Product specifications: 00#, 0#, 1#, 2#, 3#, 4# (corresponding to the same type of capsule, special specifications can be customized)
Product model: HK-100 (filling 100 tablets at a time); HK-187 (filling 187 tablets at a time); HK-209 (filling 209 tablets at a time); HK-400 (filling 400 tablets at a time)
Uses: used for powder filling of 00# to 4# hollow capsules (the capsules can be filled normally even if the capsules are slightly deformed)
Powder filling rate: 100% (pressurized plates can be configured according to user requirements to ensure a sufficient amount of filling)
Locking pass rate: ≥99.8% (if the capsule quality is good, there is no defective product)
Operation demonstration:
Place the guide plate on the A plate (cap plate), put the appropriate amount of capsule cap into the guide plate, shake it back and forth, so that the capsule cap falls into the guide hole. After the capsule caps are arranged, pour out the excess capsule caps,
Remove the guide plate.
Place the guide plate on the B plate (body plate) and put it in place, pour an appropriate amount of capsules into the guide plate and shake it back and forth to make the capsules fall into the guide holes. After the capsule caps are arranged, pour out the excess capsule body,
Remove the guide plate.
Pour the medicinal powder on the arranged B plate, use
The scraper scrapes back and forth to fill the powder
capsules. Place the middle plate on the A plate (cap plate) with the friction side of the middle plate facing up. With the B plate (body plate) on the lower A plate (cap plate) and the upper middle plate in the middle, align the three plates.
Gently tap, the capsule is ready
combined state. Press the A-plate firmly to make the capsules fit each other. Remove the A-plate (cap plate)
Remove the middle plate, and you can see that the capsules that are fitted are all on the middle plate. Flip over the middle plate and the capsule falls.

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