Capsule filling machine

Oct 17 2022 0 Comments

The capsule filling machine has fast filling speed and small size difference. The machine integrates the powder filled capsule shell, capsule cap and capsule package, which is compact and convenient. It is suitable for small and medium-sized pharmaceutical factories, health product factories, hospitals and clinics to produce in small and medium-sized batches. If 2-3 sets are used at the same time, it can also be suitable for mass production. It has the functions of capsule arrangement and locking, reduces the body and floor area, and has the advantages of beauty, compactness, hygiene requirements, simple operation, convenient maintenance, low power consumption, economy and practicality; Only one or two people are required to operate, and no special training is required for personnel; The capsules are arranged quickly, the drug loading is uniform, and the product qualification rate is high; If different types of capsules need to be replaced, just replace the corresponding type of capsule filling plate; It is most suitable for filling capsules in health product factories, small pharmaceutical factories, pharmaceutical research units, hospital preparation rooms, specialized clinics, pharmacies, nourishing health product stores and other units.

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