Capsule History

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In 1500 BC, the first capsule was born in Egypt.
In 1730, pharmacists in Vienna began to make capsules from starch.
In 1834, the capsule-making technique was patented in Paris (F. Mothes).
In 1846, the two-section hard capsule manufacturing technique was patented in France (J. Lehuby).
In 1872, the first capsule manufacturing and filling machine (Limousin) was born in France.
In 1874, the industrial manufacturing of hard capsules (Hubel) began in Detroit, with the introduction of various models.
In 1888, the Parke-Davis Company in Detroit obtained a patent for the manufacture of hard capsules (J.B. Russell).
In 1931, Parke-Davis' capsule manufacturing rate reached 10,000 capsules per hour (A. Colton).

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