Characteristic Flavors Continue To Heat Up, And Jingyaxiang Liquor Is Entering The National Market

Characteristic Flavors Continue To Heat Up, And Jingyaxiang Liquor Is Entering The National Market

A few days ago the Nikeng wine industry production and operation data for the first quarter were released. In the first quarter of this year, Nikeng Wines focused on epidemic prevention on the one hand and production and sales on the other, and successfully kicked off the first quarter, with revenue up 30.8 % compared to the same period last year. -year, in which the Jingyaxiang series increased by 44% over the same period last year.

In 2022 the wine industry will tend to grow in quality. In an increasingly updated consumer environment, consumers have ever higher quality requirements. While traditional flavors such as strong aromas, light aromas and salsa aromas are developing rapidly, even small and pretty fragrances are gradually gaining warmth. Faced with increasingly fierce market competition, Nikeng Liquor has introduced a new concept of "clean and elegant fragrance" in terms of fragrance, taste, style, etc., and constantly enhances it. focused on quality improvement, creating a clean and elegant fragrance. The brand new breakthrough in the series has increased Jijiu's popularity and influence and, at the same time, penetrated the domestic market.

"Gilded in the cellar of intangible cultural heritage for centuries, the aroma in the cellar is stronger; the ceramic altar has been distilled for more than ten years, the ancient incense is more refined, prepared according to the ratio of gold and grains. Maple aroma. Richer; double fermentation ring at medium and high temperature, stronger aroma. " Ma Huifeng, Nikeng Liquor Industry General Manager, said that in upgrading the wine product structure and developing innovation, quality Quality is the basis and consumer demand is the guideline. "In recent years, this product line has won numerous prestigious awards at home and abroad, which has also raised the value of the Nikeng Liquor brand to a new level."

"Chinese wine has entered the era of competition in taste, and Jingyaxiang series products fit well with the concept of developing high-quality Chinese spirits. It is a delicious wine that can leave a deep impression. For everyone and is an innovative model. by Jijiu. " He commented on the Chinese liqueur Zhong Jie, the first in the dissemination and promotion of tasting knowledge.

Being the backbone of Jijiu, the development of the nickel industry in recent years is remarkable. From industrial upgrading to quality improvement, from product structure optimization to key product creation, from market penetration to wine and tourism integration, the Nickel wine industry focuses the consumer and is undergoing systematic reform . In 2021, Nikeng Wine Industry will invest more than 100 million yuan to transform and upgrade the production process to ensure that the quality is continuously improved; invested 7.5 million yuan to complete the automatic brewing conversion and upgrade project, the preliminary processing, steaming and refining of rice husks project, and the project to expand thousands of tons of raw wine. It has strongly promoted the advancement of brewing technology and improved the quality, brand reputation and steadily increasing market share; The project of a smart brewery with an investment capital of 115 million yuan has kicked off, promoting enterprises to enter a new phase of intelligent development.

"The first-class famous wines occupy the high-end position, and the famous wines in the real estate are working hard to upgrade the structure, grab the price of 100 yuan, and the second high-end, open offers significant growth opportunities." Nikeng Wine Industry's product line layout clearly reflects the focus of its product structure, industry experts say. In the first quarter of this year, under the double test of epidemic impact and market challenge, Nikeng Wine Industry can come out against the trend and maintain good growth momentum. Adhering to the market-centric approach to drastically change the mindset of all employees, not only fully demonstrating their strong capabilities, but also creating a solid foundation for completing annual target projects.
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