Chocolate, Do You Really Choose?

Chocolate, Do You Really Choose?

I’m sure everyone has had chocolate, but in the face of all the variety on the market, do you know how to choose? Chocolate can be divided into three categories: dark chocolate, milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Cocoa beans are not combined to make these three types of chocolate. Cocoa beans are used to produce cocoa products such as cocoa liquor (block), cocoa butter, cocoa powder, e.g. People mix one or more of the cocoa ingredients with sugar, milk, and so on to make chocolate.

Among the three types of chocolate, dark chocolate has the highest cocoa bean content. When purchasing dark chocolate, you may want to pay attention to the amount of cocoa indicated on the outer packaging. The higher the cocoa content, the less sugar and other ingredients, and the sweeter it is.

Compared to dark chocolate, milk chocolate uses a little more cocoa powder and more cocoa butter by adding dairy flavors. This way, the milk chocolate is very sweet and silky.

The cocoa powder does not contain white chocolate, so the outside is white. But it also contains cocoa butter, which comes from the cocoa bean, making it classified as chocolate.

There are also some chocolate products, such as plain chocolate made with cream and chocolate, brownies made with milk and chocolate, chocolate chocolate, etc. According to state regulations, with the amount of chocolate reach at least 25%.

In fact, true wannabe chocolate is a substitute for cocoa butter. They use more than 5% more cocoa butter than or instead of cocoa butter, and the chocolate made in this way is called "alternative chocolate cocoa butter" if you look closely . . . .

I would also like to remind everyone to check the product type on the label when purchasing, whether it is a chocolate bar or a cookie and a small amount of chocolate. Did you choose "sensible" chocolate after hearing my introduction?
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