Citrus Is Delicious But Not Too Much

Citrus Is Delicious But Not Too Much

We must not forget the most beautiful times of beauty, the most orange-green time of orange. During the autumn and winter, the storm is a great "orange" color, orange, orange, mandarin, grapefruit, lemon ... Water, sweet and pleasant flavors make people happy. However, citrus is not only citrus, but the whole Mandarin family is thriving.

What is mangarin, what is mandarin?

Citrus fruits are actually mandarin, mandarin, orange, kumquat, pomelo, citrus fruit, lemon and so on. is a common name, all of which belongs to the citrus plants of the Rutaceae family. People often have confusion because of their multi-member and complex relationships and similar forms. Oranges, mandarins, oranges, and grapefruit are often concentrated in everyday life in October, November, and December.


It is also called orange. Oranges are small, reddish-yellow in color, thin and soft, easy to peel, from which we can make a mandarin peel; the flesh is sweet and juicy, the orange flowers usually have white mushrooms, which are also called orange net. It is rich in fiber that accelerates digestion and has a laxative effect. So there is no need to remove it during a meal.


Looks like orange with smooth fruits in appearance. The skin is thicker, the mushroom layer is thicker and the volume is larger than the orange. Typical varieties are citrus fruits, kumquat, Chaozhou citrus fruits, Sinhui citrus fruits and so on.


It is divided into sweet oranges, navel oranges, blood oranges, enamel oranges and red oranges. The shell of the orange is flat and thin, the wall of the capsule is thick and hard, and due to the tightness of the capsule, it is not easy to remove.

The most famous of these is the orange belly of Ghana. This is because of the unique geographical, soil, and climatic benefits of orange cultivation in the navel south of Gansu. Low and flat hills and slopes provide enough light for fruit trees; The fourth red soil, rich in coarse and rare earth elements, is rich in nutrients; The subtropical humid monsoon south of Jiangxi contributes to the flowering and fruiting of the navel oranges with adequate rainfall in spring and summer. The difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures in the fall and winter is large, which helps the sugar to accumulate in the fruit. Thus the new and juicy oranges of Ghana's womb were born.


Low GI (GI = 25), low sugar fruits. More suitable for diabetes. Pomelo peel is thick and stable, usually lasting three months and retaining its taste better. However, substances such as oleoretin in the pomelo shell cause its bitter taste. Grapefruit is rich in glycosides, as well as carotene, VB1, VB2, VC, niacin, and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other important elements. Typical varieties include Wendan pomelo, Yatian pomelo, Liangping pomelo, honey pomelo and golden pomelo.

Citrus fruits are tasty, but not abundant

The citrus family has isolated more than 30 nutrients for human health. Including flavonoids, monoterpenes, coumarins, carotenoids, propanoloids, acridines, glyceroglycolipids and others. The content of vitamin C and potassium is higher than other popular fruits. In addition, the average carbohydrate content of citrus fruits is 11.9%, which is classified as approximately lemon <grapefruit <orange <orange>. Like toothpaste and sugar oranges, the amount of sugar can reach 15%, so it is low in calories.

In my diet, it is recommended that the average adult eat 200-350 grams of citrus fruit a day, with an average of 2-3 fruits a day.
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