Classification Of Tablet Presses

Jun 02 2022 0 Comments Tags: Tablet Machine Principle, Tableting Machine

Flatbed printers can be divided into single-chip punch printers and rotary multi-punch printers.
A boxer print printer uses a camera (or eccentric) link system (similar to the boxing principle). This creates a huge need for stability and reliability. Due to its complex method and structure, it is rarely used. Microcontrollers are suitable for routine production, routine feeding, routine cutting, low productivity, laboratory and mass production of tablets.
Boxer pliers are boxer pliers that need to be attached to a turnbuckle in a circular motion, with the top and bottom of each box controlled by fixed lift rails. When the upper and lower treasure chests are flush with the active turntable, the guide rail controls the movement of the upper and lower axes of the tablet to complete the clicking process. In this case, the process flow of tablet printing is constantly evolving, resulting in a constant supply of tablets. Throughout the whole machine, the electricity consumption is consistent and stable, and is widely used in regular production. Tablet printing that rotates multiple boxes usually depends on the number of punches, called 19 punch, 33 punch, etc.

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