Development Of Tablet Presses

Jun 02 2022 0 Comments Tags: Tablet Machine Principle, Tableting Machine

The tablet-pressed tablet is first substantially flattened and then has a shallow arcuate shape and a deep arcuate shape at the top and bottom. With the development of specially shaped tablets, oval, triangular, oval, square, diamond-shaped, ring-shaped and other shaped tablets are produced. In addition, due to the continuous development of medicines, due to the need for medicines and time savings, special tables are created, such as two-layer, three-layer and line, all of which need to be filled in specifically. Tablet press.
with the development of market demand, the range of application of tablet presses has become wider and wider. Today, it is no longer limited to the simple compression of chinese and western medicine tablets, but is also widely used in the compression of health foods, veterinary tablets, chemical tablets: for example, oil tablets. Sanitary towels, washcloths, dwarf blocks, artificial powder cakes, insecticides. Tablets. Etc., Food tablets: chicken essence blocks, banlangen blocks, divine comedy tea blocks, pressed biscuits, etc.

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