Dragon Boat Festival Zongzi War Opens Salty Zongzi Sales Four Times More Than Sweet Zongzi

Dragon Boat Festival Zongzi War Opens Salty Zongzi Sales Four Times More Than Sweet Zongzi

The annual Dragon Boat Festival kicks off the "Zongzi War", and brands and retailers rack their brains to innovate flavors to win market opportunities. It is worth noting that the debate over the taste of Zongzi during the Dragon Boat Festival is a hot topic every year. Sales data from merchants shows that in late May this year, the sales of salty rice dumplings were four times that of sweet rice dumplings, but the new taste of sweet rice dumplings attracted more attention.
Different kinds

On the morning of May 26, just before the Dragon Boat Festival, a reporter from Yicai came to Walmart Beijing Xuanwu store. As soon as you enter the supermarket, you will be greeted by a whole set of exquisite rice dumplings, packed in a simple gift box and displayed in the most conspicuous position at the entrance of the supermarket. In addition to room temperature products, the long freezer next to it is also full of various quick-frozen dumplings.

"This year's Dragon Boat Festival, Wal-Mart's acquisition team dug deep into the current consumption habits, and launched a series of zongzi products in a precise and multi-dimensional manner." Wal-Mart told a reporter from China Business Daily that Wal-Mart's zongzi. This year's products include not only well-known time-honored brands such as Wufangzhai, but also many innovative products such as durian ice dumplings, which are popular among young people, nut dumplings that take into account both quality and health, and rhubarb. Nutritious and digestible dumplings, barley and jacket dumplings with unique Tibetan flavor, and Japanese-style grilled dumplings. Walmart has also vigorously introduced local brands such as Beijing Daoxiang Village, Hangzhou Zhiwei Museum, Yunnan Jiahua, Hunan Hue, and Guangdong Guangzhou Restaurant. The well-known taste of hometown has relieved the nostalgia of foreigners who cannot go home due to the epidemic.

Walmart's Sam's Club has also made a big push to sell rice cakes this year, even launching its own brand of rice cakes. According to reports, Sam members pay attention to quality and differentiation when purchasing products. When developing traditional products such as rice products, Sam's purchasing team pays more attention to innovation in addition to maintaining high quality. Take Sam's Club Mark's own brand as an example, one of the main products of this year's Dragon Boat Festival, this product is dipped in pork bone soup, boiled for 8 hours and then packaged. Restore the zongzi to the greatest extent in a light-resistant way. The taste of the pan. In addition, Sam has also launched products such as member mark egg yolk, high-quality chilled pork leg dumplings, Jiangnan seasonal swallow rice, Jiaxing whole boat egg yolk and other products, which are very competitive in quality and price.

This year, Carrefour also cooperated with well-known national zongzi brands to launch hundreds of Dragon Boat Festival zongzi varieties. It is worth mentioning that this year, Carrefour has launched new recipe dumplings such as cinnamon corn chicken buns, cordyceps chicken bun soup, and purple jujube chestnut buns. Especially in western China, Carrefour also combines local delicacies to choose new flavors such as hot pot fresh meatballs, hairy chicken and sweet potato dumplings, and yellow throat shrimp hot pot dumplings.

In addition to offline stores, online channels have also become the main channel for Zongzi sales, especially under the epidemic, the benefits of online channels are more prominent. A reporter from China Business Daily learned from JD.com that there are currently hundreds of retailers installed on the JD.com supermarket open platform, and the number of SKUs has reached tens of thousands, meeting the most diverse consumer needs. Dimensions such as taste and category.

In terms of taste, based on the traditional hot dumplings this year, JD.com mainly promotes three products with "noble and new" attributes, each of which has several products. Flavors include black truffle, spicy snail powder, stinky tofu, durian, spicy duck neck, braised large intestine, etc. At the same time, there are also high-quality gift boxes with high-quality attributes, including traditional high-quality time-honored gift boxes, trendy ethnic gift boxes and so on.
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