Dry Skin As The Seasons Change? In Fact, There Are Other Factors That Affect The Skin

Dry Skin As The Seasons Change? In Fact, There Are Other Factors That Affect The Skin

Spring is here, and many people may face the problem of dry and peeling skin again. In fact, not only the changing seasons, but also many factors may lead to dry and tight skin. Only by understanding the reasons can we prescribe the right medicine to relieve skin problems more effectively.How does it keep the skin moist?

How does it keep the skin moist? This should mention one word: stratum corneum. In general, in addition to waiting for the stratum corneum to release inactivated keratin, it is a barrier that blocks moisture from the skin. The flat cell layers contain natural moisturizing components, and the oil layer between the cells helps block moisture and lose moisturizing components. The stratum corneum is like a wall, the cells are bricks and the oil is lime.

There are many reasons for dry skin, such as diseases such as diabetes or inherited skin diseases such as ichthyosis and atopic dermatitis, or contact with chemicals, solvents and detergents.

What factors affect skin moisture?

First of all, seasonal change is a big factor. Throughout the year, the skin changes with the seasons. The cuticle becomes drier in cold winters and wetter in hot, humid summers. So people may find that their skin dries out in the winter and they need to apply moisturizer every day, but it is not necessary in the summer.

In fact, human skin also responds to the biological cycle, especially to women’s monthly changes in progesterone and estrogen levels. During menstruation, women’s skin tends to be the driest, and in the middle of the menstruation there is a period of ovulation, after which the skin produces the most oil.

Age also determines the state of skin moisture. As people age, their skin changes. As people gradually age, their skin structure also undergoes irreversible changes: the dermis ages and collapses, the epidermis thins, and the rate of cell discharge slows down. At this time, the skin is aging along with the human body, the stratum corneum is difficult to maintain moisture and the secretory function of the sebaceous glands is not as good as in the past, so it is likely to dry out.

In fact, the best way to prevent dry skin is to use a mild soap or cleanser and, if necessary, a moisturizer. If you do not have any adverse reactions, you can also stick to the existing product. If the skin is too dry, do not rush to increase the amount of moisturizing products, try using gentle cleansers first, allowing the skin to store more natural oils and moisturizers.
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