Eating Chocolate Really Makes You Fat

Jun 06 2022 0 Comments Tags: Chocolate

Truth: This is the most ignorant misconception about chocolate. Everyone should know that if you burn fewer calories than you do every day, you will gain weight day by day. Each 1.4 ounces (approximately 40 grams) of milk can provide 210 calories of milk, which is produced by the sugar and cocoa butter produced from the chocolate ingredient, or one tenth of the 2,000 calories that the human body needs each day. In other words, eating about 40 grams of chocolate a day is not enough. It is not surprising that modern technology has made it possible to produce "healthy chocolate" (ie unsweetened chocolate). This body-building chocolate is intended for diabetics and for those who want to lose weight, maintain the original taste of the chocolate, there is no danger of consuming sugar.

Nutritionists warn that the body needs a certain amount of fat and sugar every day to maintain the normal functioning of the various organs of the body, including providing energy, helping the body absorb the necessary nutrients and maintaining the normal functioning of the brain.

For example, eating chocolate is equivalent to eating. It's okay to be 80% full. If your food is delicious, you should be 15% full. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. In short, eating less chocolate will help you lose weight and eating more will make you fat.

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