Eating spicy strips can cause leukemia?

Eating spicy strips can cause leukemia?

The sharp edge, like a snack with a unique flavor and inexpensive price, has become not only a childhood memory of the 80s and 90s in the eyes of youngsters, but also the number one snack food of all time on the internet. In recent years. . . . . However, concerns about sharp road safety have never been addressed. Recently there have been suggestions that consumption of sweeteners may cause leukemia. However, will this happen?

The main ingredients of sweet strips are flour, soy sauce, etc. made with spices. Various food additives are necessary to obtain attractive colors and flavors during processing.

Common additives and flavorings include food coloring, flavor and flavor enhancers, emulsifiers and flavorings that provide shape and texture. Supplements "don't flood". Important national standards have also been published in China, which set strict requirements for the nature, purpose, use and use of food additives. Moderate use of dietary supplements within a range does not adversely affect human health. Currently, there is no evidence that sweetener consumption can cause leukemia. In fact, many of the processed foods we eat every day are indistinguishable from supplements.

Blindness in the eyes of students and parents is primarily related to food safety concerns. Some small shops that produce "three noses" products do not follow quality standards and the materials are poor. To eliminate potential problems with raw material quality, excess food additives will be added in sweeteners or unapproved additives will be used. Using these "Three Noes" products can be harmful to our health. So, when buying sharp strips, choose quality products that are regularly produced by the manufacturer and pass quality control.

Although there's no evidence that sweetened additives and textiles can cause leukemia, and that products made by traditional manufacturers don't generally cause hygiene problems, sweet textures are undoubtedly a high-fat type of food : salt, lots and lots of sugar . Energy. . . . . Of the sweeteners on the market, 100 grams of sweeteners generally contain more than 20% of the recommended daily intake and more than 40% fat; The amount of sodium is usually over 2,500 mg, and the sodium content of 100 grams of sharps clearly exceeds the sodium intake in Hungary. There is considerable evidence that long-term high intake of fat and salt in Hungary increases the risk of chronic diseases such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and hyperlipidemia, which are fatal and have a strong impact on risk. chronic diseases. Patient health and quality of life.

Therefore, although there is currently no evidence that sharps can cause leukemia, sharps, which are high in fat, salt, and sugar, should be consumed as sparingly as possible.
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