Firm Tofu Is Nutritious

Firm Tofu Is Nutritious

From ancient times the Chinese were proud of their inventions. The original tofu had a firm texture and a rough appearance. Nowadays, with the development of the food industry, there are many types of tofu, where it is clear that to add many products with a soft taste. But there are still differences between tofu in terms of nutrition.

Generally, soft tofu, high water content, low protein, calcium, magnesium, etc., reduce the value of nutrients. For example, in terms of weight, from top to bottom, are lactone, lower lactone tofu. Data show that 100 grams of topical tofu contains a protein content of 9.2 grams, calcium և magnesium, respectively, 105 mg և 63 mg; Southern tofu protein is 5.7 grams / 100 grams, calcium և magnesium respectively is 113 mg / 100 grams և 36 mg. / 100 g; Fragrant tofu contains only 5 g / 100 g of protein, 17 mg / 100 g of calcium and 24 mg / 100 g of magnesium, respectively. The content of calcium և magnesium in tofu is related to coagulant. They are mainly derived from brine (calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, tofu level), gypsum (calcium sulfate, low tofu level), coagulant used by tofu lactone. Gluconolactone և does not contain calcium or magnesium.

It should be noted that all of the above details appear in the food composition table. However, to satisfy consumer preferences, many products on the market have become softer, with a smoother consistency, so that the protein content does not reach a high value. For example, the protein content of a particular type of topical vaccine is 7.7 grams / 100 grams, 100% tofu with salt water is 5.7 grams / 100 grams, and lactone tofu - 3.3 grams / 100 grams. It can be seen that the "moisture" of tofu, as a source of protein, increases.

In short, heavy tofu is the first choice for calcium և protein supplementation. Of course, you can choose according to your taste եղանակ method of preparation. If you like soft tofu, you can supplement your diet by paying attention to calcium supplements with dairy products և green leafy vegetables.
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