Get More Sun, Exercise Your Muscles The Amount Of Exercise In Spring Should Not Be Too Large

Get More Sun, Exercise Your Muscles The Amount Of Exercise In Spring Should Not Be Too Large

Swallow came to Shixin, with pear flowers behind the Qingming Festival. With the end of the Qingming Festival, the liver in the body is slowly developing and the main focus of healthcare should be "growth, regulation of the liver and strengthening the spleen." You can go to places with fresh air, such as. wear loose clothing, walk slowly, box and train in parks, and choose other areas and gentle exercise techniques to increase the fire.

As the temperature rises, so does people's activity. Although Springaz's healthcare has been described as "promoting fire", he says, "Regular questions: an explanation for malaria" are also needed by those who sweat. Sweat a lot to nourish the liver. "You can increase your resistance to the sun by training your muscles and bones. Heart attacks should be monitored at a reasonable distance when the elderly are active, and people with heart disease, high blood pressure and other diseases should not take high-risk measures.

Eat celery, mushrooms, shepherd pockets, clay, spicy chrysanthemums and other seasonal wild vegetables at the Chingming Festival to eat lighter and fresher vegetables and fruits to nourish the liver and spleen. In some places, the habit of eating cold food during the Qingming Festival is still preserved, but people with weakness in the spleen and stomach should not eat cold food.

After the Chingming Festival, it is raining heavily, especially in the humid south, and it is easy to feel tired and tired from the "spring sleep". Sweet and fatty foods help with moisture, are easier to create and worsen the feeling of "spring sleep" after eating, so you should avoid eating sweet and fatty foods.
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