High-speed rotary tablet presses

Oct 11 2022 0 Comments

High-speed rotary tablet press is used to press various granular raw materials into round and shaped tablets, which is the basic equipment suitable for mass production. Its structure is double-pressing type, with two sets of feeding devices and two sets of wheels. The turntable can be equipped with 33 punching dies, and 66 tablets can be pressed by rotating for one week. The speed of the turntable, the filling depth of the material and the thickness of the pressed tablets can be adjusted. The mechanical buffer device on the machine can avoid the damage of the machine parts caused by overload. The machine is equipped with a powder suction box. Through the suction nozzle can absorb the dust produced by the machine when it is rotating, avoiding bonding and blocking, and can recycle the raw materials for reuse. Some pharmaceutical tablet presses should be equipped with a sifter to remove dust (more than two times) when the tablets are pressed, which must meet GMP specifications.

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