How Many Dangers Of Spicy Strips?

How Many Dangers Of Spicy Strips?

1. Cause constipation

Aromatic sticks are made from powders and sweeteners enriched with colored bamboo shoots and preservatives. Bamboo leaves are especially good. Regular intake of carbohydrates reduces obstruction of the gastrointestinal tract, causes constipation and dry stools.

2. Cause chronic diseases

There are many supplements in the hot body that can easily cause chronic illness. Many spice sticks do not meet hygiene and safety standards and are not treated sterile. Each gram of sugar cane contains more than 100,000 bacteria which can be very harmful. Thus, the use of hot sticks can lead to many chronic, life-threatening diseases.

3. Affect normal growth and development

Adolescents are in the golden age of growth and development and should eat healthier and more nutritious food. Of course, spicy strips contain a lot of preservatives and pigments, which will definitely affect the growth and development of children. If consumed frequently, they can affect the development of intelligence and height due to zinc deficiency and can also cause allergic diseases such as allergic rhinitis, eczema, urticaria and asthma. There are many foods and supplements that can cause a variety of damage to a child's liver and nervous system.

4. Causes indigestion

While spices are made with noodles, they are not pure noodles. Many additives such as sodium saccharin and sodium cyclamate stimulate gastric secretion and cause dyspepsia, especially in children with gastrointestinal dysfunction. If it is not well developed, eating too many spicy herbs will definitely upset your stomach.

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