How Many Kinds Of Valve Mouth Packing Machines Are There? What Are The Advantages?

Oct 25 2022 0 Comments

Impeller packing machine is divided into ordinary type, pushing bag and pushing bag

Advantages of impeller packing machine: 1. Body: welded, small and light. 2. Ash discharging mechanism: the 3kw motor drives the main shaft impeller to rotate, the rotating impeller discharges the dry powder mortar, and the dry powder mortar is put into the packaging bag through the ash discharging pipe. 3. Control mechanism: insert the material packaging bag and touch the microswitch to start filling. When the material is filled to the specified weight, the computer of the weighing mechanism sends a signal, and the computer valve works. The control mechanism acts to make the cylinder close the outlet, and the filling stops. At the same time, the bag pressing cylinder shrinks, and the bag is released. 4. Weighing mechanism: mainly composed of computer scale, sensor and scale body. When the material is filled to the set weight, the sensor sends a signal to the computer. After being processed by the computer, the control signal is output, and the motor stops running. At the same time, the outlet is closed, the filling is stopped and the bag is loosened to ensure that the bag weight is qualified. 5. Bagging mechanism: with bag pressing device. When the dry mortar is loaded to the rated weight, the air cylinder closes the outlet.

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