How Much Is Appropriate For A "serving" Of Food

How Much Is Appropriate For A "serving" Of Food

With the improvement of living standards, in terms of diet, what people pursue is no longer just enough to eat, but how to eat well. "One serving" is all the rage these days, constraining people to eat well, maintain a healthy weight, and stay away from disease risks. Do you know how much "one serving" is?

In nutrition, a "serving" refers to a healthy, appropriate amount of a certain food eaten at one time. The amount of "per serving" of different types of food is also different, such as "one serving" of rice is about 25 grams, "one serving" of vegetables is about 500 grams, "one serving" of lean meat is about 50 grams, "one serving" is about 50 grams. Nuts are about 16-20 fruits.

At first glance, people feel that this method of calculating the amount of food is very convenient and can play a role in weight control, but when you think about it carefully, how to clearly define "a portion" and how many are appropriate "a portion". "? Confuse people. Don't worry, I'll show you some tips today.

Take an apple as a reference, first estimate its weight, then weigh the actual weight and compare the two. After that, you can use different types of food, such as staple food, meat, vegetables, fruits, and snacks for weight comparison, so that you can have a quantitative concept of the food you eat every day.

For packaged food, look at the nutrition label, and pay attention to the amount corresponding to the nutrition label, whether it is per serving, per bag or per 100 grams of calories.

For bulk snacks and nuts, it is easy to eat too much at one time. It can be pre-packaged into small "serving" packages, and it is easy to control the intake after packaging.

When eating out, avoid drinking alcohol before meals, because alcohol has an appetizing effect and is likely to make people eat more. Studies have shown that drinking 2.5 glasses of wine before a meal will eat 200 kcal more than those who do not drink.

To maintain a healthy weight is not only to eat healthy foods that do not gain weight, and to eliminate all unhealthy foods that gain weight, but to learn to control the weight. Because no matter how healthy the food, if you don't eat it in moderation, you will still gain weight.
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