How To Choose Edible Oil?

How To Choose Edible Oil?

Three meals a day, frying, frying and stewing, are inseparable from edible oil. In fact, cooking oil can not only add color and flavor to dishes, but also an important source of fatty acids needed by the human body. The fatty acid composition and nutritional composition of different edible oils are not the same, so if you want to be healthy, you must choose the right edible oil. Faced with a dazzling array of edible oils on the supermarket shelves: peanut oil, rapeseed oil, soybean oil, olive oil, blended to choose?

Pay attention to oleic acid content

In the daily diet, edible oil provides about 50% of the fatty acids required by the human body. Fatty acids are divided into saturated fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acids (monounsaturated fatty acids and polyunsaturated fatty acids). The difference between different oils is determined by the type of fatty acid.

Edible oils with high oleic acid content are popular in the market for their healthy and stable characteristics, and have become an important direction for the consumption upgrade of edible oil products. Oleic acid is a monounsaturated fatty acid that exists in animals and plants, and is also the most abundant fatty acid in human adipose tissue.

In particular, the rise of the Mediterranean dietary pattern has made more people know that the incidence of cardiovascular disease in residents living along the Mediterranean coast is significantly lower, which is related to the high content of oleic acid in olive oil that local people eat for a long time. Studies at home and abroad have confirmed that oleic acid is related to human health and the prevention of some chronic diseases, including that oleic acid plays an important role in human cardiovascular and cerebrovascular health; it can reduce the risk of type II diabetes, increase insulin sensitivity, Reduce some inflammatory reactions; diet containing oleic acid will produce more oleic acid ethanolamide in the blood, which can control people's appetite, reduce energy intake, and promote fat metabolism.

Due to the stable chemical properties of oleic acid, it is not easy to oxidize and deteriorate, and high oleic acid vegetable oil can effectively prolong the shelf life and shelf life.

High Oleic Peanut Oil Popular

One of the main factors that recommend olive oil in the Mediterranean diet is that it is rich in oleic acid, and high-oleic acid peanut oil is not only rich in oleic acid, but from the perspective of Chinese people's dietary structure, high-oleic acid peanut oil is more in line with Chinese people's oil habits.

The "High Oleic Acid Peanuts" (NY/T 3250-2018) issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs stipulates that peanuts whose oleic acid content accounts for 70% or more of the total fatty acid are called high oleic acid peanuts.

High oleic acid peanut oil is favored by consumers because of its high oleic acid content of 75% and its rich fragrance that is more in line with the Chinese people's eating habits.

High oleic acid peanut oil not only contains the nutritional value of oleic acid, but also rich in the nutritional value of peanut itself including vitamin E, sterols, squalene, resveratrol, etc. When cooking food with high oleic peanut oil, such as cooking marine fish, high oleic acid and the rich n-3 fatty acids contained in marine fish complement each other and can play a good nutritional complement.

The yield of high-oleic acid peanuts is higher, the yield per mu can be increased by 15%-20% compared with ordinary peanuts, and the purchase price is higher, bringing considerable benefits to farmers. High oleic acid peanuts have the characteristics of high oil content and high economic value. At present, many peanut-growing provinces are actively promoting the cultivation of high-oleic acid peanuts, and many scientific research institutions are also increasing their research on high-oleic acid peanuts, accelerating the development of high-oleic acid peanut industry, and also promoting high-oleic acid peanut oil. The stable supply has laid an important foundation. High oleic peanut oil is of great significance for the upgrading of healthy quality of edible oil in my country.
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