Is It Safe To Eat Steak With "blood Water"?

Is It Safe To Eat Steak With "blood Water"?

The main components of "blood water" are water and myoglobin. The risk is very low if you consume raw steak regularly, fry it on the surface and consume it with bloody water. Prepared and prepared steaks are recommended for full cooking.

Many will see “blood water” when they eat steaks and worry about becoming insecure. In fact, the main components of “blood water” are water and myoglobin, not blood. Depending on the situation, you can eat or not:

01 Appropriate Raw Cut Steak Properly stored and free of bacteria, the risk is very small as long as the surface is baked, even if there is blood.

02 Original cut steak with pre-treated conditioning, slicing, pickling, etc. The prepared steak is made up of small pieces of meat. They may contain more bacteria. We recommend that you consume them well.

When buying steak, we recommend that you pay attention to:

1. Read the label. If the only ingredient on the list is beef, the original steak can be eaten half-cooked; If it also contains spices, it can be conditional steak or reconstituted steak, and it is recommended to consume it fully cooked.

2. See location. Steak is mostly cold chain products and must be purchased at standard supermarkets and platforms. Do not read steaks purchased at home.
3. Dissolve effectively. It is recommended to thaw frozen steaks in the refrigerator or microwave, not at room temperature.
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