Is Overnight Watermelon Really "toxic"?

Is Overnight Watermelon Really "toxic"?

Hot weather, heat and thirst quenching water floods the homes of ordinary people. Large melons usually weigh more than ten pounds. If you can’t eat right away, you can’t eat in the fridge until the next day. But "popular science on the Internet," such as "eating watermelon at night because of death," is often difficult. "Watermelon" really "wait" and courage?

Whether you can eat watermelon at night depends largely on the storage conditions, and the reaction has nothing to do with the "night" itself.

The “popular science” “don’t eat watermelon” on the internet often quotes some media statements as evidence. For example, several media outlets reported that Anhui’s wife ate watermelon packaged in a bag and stored in the refrigerator. He started vomiting and diarrhea, then fainted, which eventually led to organ failure and hospitalization. During the study, the woman experiences a severe and fatal shock.

Ruan Guangfeng explained that septic shock is one of the most serious conditions in the human body after infection. The main symptoms are hypotension, insufficient blood flow to the body's cells (without watering the rice fields) and the risk of ischemic necrosis and death. The main cause of septic shock is a bacterial infection. The most common bacteria are Escherichia coli, Klebsiella, Enterobacter and others. Some viruses, such as hemophilia, can also cause septic shock and are very sensitive to the immune system. Adults, children and debilitated patients after vaccination.

However, there is no other link between septic shock and nocturia. Ruan Guangfeng argues that one of the main causes of septic shock is bacterial contamination and that water quality is not in itself a problem caused by bacterial contamination. Keeping watermelon in an unclean place at night or not does not cause poisoning.

But if there are bacteria in the environment that can cause septic shock, that’s another story.

In summer, the temperature is high and bacteria can multiply easily. Watermelon is high in water and sugar, so bacteria prefer it. If the watermelon had been in the air for a long time and had cooled and contaminated with the bacteria that cut the watermelon and peeled off the plastic wrap, I wouldn’t be interested in cleaning my knives or washing my hands. The diaper itself occurs for several reasons. If the refrigerator is not clean or the temperature is not properly controlled, there may be serious food safety risks.

So a "midnight" waterfall is not necessarily a "poison." The key is to make sure the drain is clean and functional.
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