Is spicy sticks junk food?

Is spicy sticks junk food?

Spicy sticks are a kind of flavored pasta, usually made from white flour or other grains and beans as the main raw material, adding butter, water, salt, sugar, and then adding a variety of food additives, through a series of processes. The spicy strips produced by traditional manufacturers are produced according to certain standards, and all food additives have been tested and tested for safety. Moderate consumption generally poses no threat to human health. Scientifically, sharp stripes are not "bad food." The reason why the public mainly considers sharp strips of junk food is because some producers are associated with black shops, lack production skills, and cut corners in the production process, leading to many negative consequences.

We say eating in moderation is better. In addition to the factors of black shop production, the characteristics of high oil content, high sugar content, and spicy salt are also the reasons why people identify it as "harmful food".

First, the sharp strips are usually fried or oiled. Blend with oil to enhance the flavor and aroma of spicy streaks. However, excessive fat intake increases the risk of obesity, which in turn increases the risk of other diseases. If it is a small manufacturer, it is more difficult to control the quality of the oil used. If successful, excess or reusable oil would be highly carcinogenic. Regular use of sharp strips of this oil can increase the risk of cancer. In addition, if the packaging is damaged, the oil will be oxidized when exposed to light, which may have a pungent smell and be harmful to health when used.

Also, many of the mischievous stripes we usually see are bright or brightly colored, and are colored with a carmine-like pigment. Although these supplements have strict controls on how much they are used, they can be difficult to control in small workshops. In order to develop the flavor and color, the sharp stripes sold on the market usually use a lot of additives. Although these supplements are all within the limits set by the state, children are more likely to eat several packets at a time due to the good taste of Mala Strips. It's clear that too many supplements can damage your health.

Also, sharp streaks contain a lot of sodium. Excessive food intake can lead to excess sodium intake, which can lead to conditions such as high blood pressure. It also affects the taste buds, resulting in a bad taste.

Therefore, whether sharp stripes are junk food or not, we should not eat too much; if we must buy sharp strips, we must choose to buy them in large supermarkets; at the same time, to choose sharp stripes, we need to choose big brands.
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