It Is Not Too Early To Add Shrimp Skin To Infant Food Supplements

It Is Not Too Early To Add Shrimp Skin To Infant Food Supplements

Among many foods, it is believed that eating small shrimp can supplement calcium. "Calcium supplement for shrimp skin, is it true?" "I usually wear shrimp skin when cooking for babies, is it suitable for eating by babies?" "When is it good for babies to add shrimp skin powder, how to do it. adds and what problems should I pay attention to? ”Dububao Mom has doubts about eating shrimp skin.

Zhang Bingwen, vice president of the Shandong Nutrition Society, said some mothers tended to get misunderstood: "As long as the food is rich in certain nutrients, then this food can be used as a daily source of supplementation. If the child is deficient in calcium, it is not recommended to supplement with calcium by eating small shrimp alone. Under the guidance of a physician, calcium supplements may be added to supplement.

Small shrimps are a type of small shrimp, the scientific name is hairy shrimp. It is usually consumed after drying, and after drying it seems that only the skin remains. It's called shrimp skin. It is cheap and tasty. Although shrimp skin is rich in calcium, calcium supplements cannot be based on calcium alone.

Vitamin D, lactose and protein in food can promote calcium absorption. However, the skin texture of shrimp is relatively hard. After eating shrimp skin through the diet, the amount that can be broken down and absorbed after entering the gastrointestinal and other digestive tracts is limited and the body absorbs less calcium. The amount of small shrimp consumed at one time cannot be used as the main source of calcium, and small amounts of nitrite are contained in small shrimps, which are not suitable for long-term consumption in large quantities. Zhang Bingwen recalls that dried shrimp are seafood and high in salt. Although ordinary dried shrimp are washed with water before cooking, they are still very salty and are suitable mainly for seasoning.

Some mothers will choose to buy light, dried shrimp to flavor the extra food for their baby. Li Ling, deputy medical director of the Children's Health Department at Jinan Children's Hospital, said that whether it was light dried shrimp or plain shrimp, the product was high in salt and the child's salt demand was very high. Reduced, especially for children under 1 year. Spices are not recommended. Also, shrimp skin can easily cause allergies, especially in children who are prone to allergies, adding shrimp too early can easily cause body discomfort.

Some mothers believe that spices are just a type of spice and are not intended to be eaten by babies. They do not eat extra foods because they are afraid that their taste will become picky after eating. They are afraid that the products are not up to standard. The China 2022 Nutrition Guidelines propose that children under the age of 1 limit their salt and spice intake. Zhang Bingwen said that the baby's sense of taste is in a period of development and is very sensitive to the stimulation of foreign spices. If the baby is exposed to salt too early, the baby will only be interested in food with "good taste", which will lead to picky eating or anorexia.

Industry experts say the taste of small shrimp is delicious and the baby's taste will be affected to some extent, especially for a baby who has just eaten complementary foods, it is not recommended to add them too early, which will make the baby not is interested in the original ecological complementary food, which leads to anorexia. The time to add dried shrimp can be delayed.
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