Manual Corn Planter

Sep 13 2022 0 Comments

The planter is a machine that makes planting convenient. The planter is suitable for planting peanuts, corn, soybeans, sorghum, cotton, millet, and green beans. Corn is a light-loving crop, and the density is too high, which leads to poor ventilation, high humidity, and serious pests and diseases in the later stage of corn, resulting in a decrease in corn yield. Our single planter has 5 plant spacing of 30 cm, 6 plant spacing of 26 cm, 7 plant spacing of 23 cm, 8 plant spacing of 20 cm, 9 plant spacing of 18 cm, 10 plant spacing of 16 cm, 12 plant spacing of 13.5 cm. In some areas, large and small ridges and wide and narrow rows are adopted for planting according to local conditions, which is conducive to ventilation and light transmission, field operations, and concentrated application of water and fertilizer.

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