Matsutake Pizza Recipe

Matsutake Pizza Recipe

Raw Material:

Pizza dough: 1800g organic flour, 90g white sugar, 60g milk powder, 18g salt, 25g yeast, 90g butter, 60g virgin olive oil, 900ml purified water, 60g oatmeal, 180g each.
pizza: matsutake mushrooms, vegetarian sausage, green and red bell peppers, tomato, basil, black pepper, chopped parsley

1. Rappresentanza: Per i funghi matsutake freschi, usa un coltello per raschiare via le radici e il fango, pulire il fondo dei funghi matsutake e poi tagliarli. 2. Lavare le foglie e il peperoncino e tagliarli a pezzi. 3, fette di salsiccia vegetale. 4. Scaldare l'olio in una casseruola, portare l'olio a raffreddare del 40%, aggiungere le salsicce vegetali, i peperoni dolci verdi e rossi e la frittura, scolare e scolare l'olio per circa 15 minuti.

5. Wash the tomatoes, blanch them with hot water, peel and cut into small pieces.

6. Wash and chop the basil.

Second, the pizza sauce method:

7. Take the wok, put extra virgin olive oil in the pan, turn on the fire, add the tomatoes and stir-fry, after frying until fragrant, add a little salt and continue to stir-fry.

8. After the soup is out, add black pepper, a little sugar and mushroom essence, keep stirring, dry the soup into a sauce over high heat, add chopped basil, mix well, fry until fragrant, and cool for later use.

3. The practice of PIZZA surface blank:
9. First prepare a stainless steel basin and pour the water into it. The temperature is preferably about 45 degrees, so that the yeast can work more easily. Then pour the yeast and wait for a while, then add sugar and stir together, then add butter and olive oil and stir, Add flour, oatmeal, milk powder, and salt. Salt will kill the yeast, so knead the dough as soon as possible, then wrap the bowl with plastic wrap and let it sit for about 45 minutes.

10. The flour will expand twice in size, press the dough again to press out the air, and then use a dough cutter to cut the appropriate amount (180 grams each).

Fourth, PIZZA practice:
11. Slowly knead the dough. After kneading, use a rolling pin to press out a round cake. First spread a layer of pizza sauce, put a little cheese, and then put in step (4) vegetarian sausage slices, green Shredded bell peppers, shredded red bell peppers, add the amount of each ingredient according to personal preference, and finally add shredded cheese on the surface.

12. First preheat the oven and lower the fire temperature to about 250 degrees for about 10 minutes, then put it into the oven Step (11) PIZZA dough, bake for 5 minutes and take it out.

13. On the PIZZA dough, put fresh matsutake mushroom slices, add a little shredded cheese, and bake in the oven for about 15 minutes.

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