Modified Hard Capsule

Jun 02 2022 0 Comments Tags: Modified Hard Capsule

This product is made of hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, which can slow down the dissolution of the ingredients after taking the capsule, and is suitable for the use of valerian root, garlic and other ingredients with bad odor. According to the plant extraction industry information network, in the stomach environment, the traditional hard capsules made of gelatin disintegrate immediately after taking it, and completely disintegrate in about 15 minutes.

The new capsule will not disintegrate within 30 minutes in the stomach environment (ph1.2), and only disintegrate 10% in 2 hours, which can slow down the dissolution of the contained ingredients. In the intestinal environment, it can be completely disintegrated. In addition, compared with traditional capsules, the new capsules do not require operations such as coating protective layers, masking the odor of ingredients, or delaying the release of ingredients, thereby reducing production costs. At the same time, the new capsule is also moisture-proof. In a 50% humidity environment, the humidity of the new capsule is 4%-6%, while the traditional gelatin capsule is 12%-14%, which is more conducive to the storage of the

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