Open pocket packaging machine

Open pocket packaging machine

Editing and broadcasting of product features

1. The equipment is designed as a whole to facilitate installation and movement.

2. Small size, light weight, easy adjustment and maintenance.

3. Safety design, pneumatic components, electrical appliances and instruments are all protected to ensure equipment and personal safety.

4. The machine body is fully sealed and equipped with a dedusting port, which is reasonable in structure and durable, and truly realizes environment-friendly production

5. This machine adopts accurate metering device, frequency converter speed regulation, accurate weighing, stable performance and simple operation.

6. Electromechanical integration, saving electric energy, which can automatically realize the functions of pressing and loosening the packaging bag, closing the ram and dropping the bag.

7. The bag opening adopts an environment-friendly rubber block bag clamping device, which can seal and clamp the bag opening, so that no dust will overflow during packaging.

8. Automatic tare removal, zero clearing and data self correction functions to facilitate the use of packaging bags with different specifications or weights.

9. During the blanking process, the spiral feeding mode can effectively reduce the gas impact and dust content to ensure the smooth packaging.

10. It has a wide range of applications and is suitable for packaging materials with various properties.


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