Operation Method Of Sesame Sauce Machine

Sep 30 2022 0 Comments

Operational production:
Slowly and evenly adjust the adjustment handle to the fine direction, and hear a slight clicking sound (after the power is cut off, it can still be rotated for several weeks). Adjust the adjustment lever on the hopper to close the material controller. After adding the fried sesame, slowly adjust the adjustment lever to open the material controller to produce. After grinding for 3-5 minutes, observe whether the oil slurry is overheated. If there is smoke coming out of the slurry port, fine-tune the grinding wheel to the coarse direction. It is better to achieve both fineness and no smoke. The parallelism of the dynamic and static grinding wheels (that is, the contact surface of the dynamic and static grinding wheels reaches 100% when the grinding wheel rotates) is the key to the high performance of the machine, which must not be ignored. If the dynamic and static grinding wheels are not parallel, you can refer to the method shown in Chapter 5 Maintenance of this manual for leveling. This machine has been leveled and debugged before leaving the factory, and users cannot easily level and debug it when using it.

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