Operation steps of vacuum packaging machine

Operation steps of vacuum packaging machine

Operation steps of vacuum packaging machine:

1. Turn on the power, and turn the power selection switch as required, that is, the power indicator is on. The power selection switch points to vacuum for vacuum sealing, and points to vacuum inflation for vacuum inflation sealing.

2. Place the plastic bag containing articles in the vacuum chamber, and place the bag mouth on the heat seal strip neatly.

3. Press down the cover, and the air extraction indicator on the panel is on. When the vacuum pump starts to pump air, the machine cover is automatically sucked. The vacuum pumping knob can adjust the vacuum degree according to the packaging requirements. When adjusting, the visual scale should be low to high and the range should be small.

4. Pack the products that need vacuum packaging, then put the open end on the sealing strip and pay attention to keep the bag straight. If it is small bag packaging, it can also be packed in multiple bags side by side at the same time.

5. When the air extraction reaches the set time, the air extraction is completed, the air extraction indicator light is off, and the inflation indicator light is on, indicating the start of inflation. Inflation knob can adjust the inflation time.

Vacuum packaging machine

6. When the air extraction or inflation is completed, the indicator light will go out and the heat sealing indicator light will go on, which means the sealing process is started. The panel is equipped with heat sealing time and temperature adjustment knob to adapt to different thickness of materials. When adjusting the time and temperature, the rotation range should be small to prevent the heat sealing temperature from suddenly increasing and burning out the heat sealing accessories.

7. When the set heat sealing time is reached, the heat sealing indicator light will go out to see the end of the heat sealing, that is, the vacuum chamber enters the atmosphere through the solenoid valve until the machine cover is automatically lifted, and the vacuum inflation packaging process is completely completed, ready for the next packaging cycle.
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