Origin Of Spicy Sticks

Origin Of Spicy Sticks

It is called the Spike line of wheat, lean meat and more. foods and fruits made from wheat flour or other grains as main ingredients. Spike is eating wood.

Growing plants contain a lot of nutrients (twelve or twenty blood cells). The quality of the product is not compromised, and the fragrance manufacturers usually depend on the product requirements, the quality values are usually DB41 / T515-2007 and GB2760.

So as long as it follows national laws, it will not affect human health, so you cannot say food is gone.Origin of spicy strips

Sourwood from Hunan, Pingjiang. The industry is called gluten and the people in Pingjiang are called mala because most of the spice sticks are spicy and the spices are original. Spice sticks pack flour as the main ingredient and are made with spices and seasonings. This is a raw, spicy snack.

Pingjiang County Huna has a long history of producing dry decoctions, spices and herbs and is an important part of the Pingjiang industry.

A.D. In 1998, a major flood disaster was declared in Hunan province, causing serious damage to crops. The dry soybean industry in Pingjiang County suffered significant losses due to the decline in the main source of dry soybeans. Farmers in Pingjiang Province urgently need a new way to support their families. Under such circumstances, Qing Pinjiang, Li Minging and Zhong Qingyuan, residents of Pingjiang County, Pingjiang Province, used soybean flour to improve. With the addition of pepper, pepper, cinnamon, sugar, salt, vegetable oil and other spices, he innovatively introduced a spice line using the single screw stir method, the company itself is called, the Pingjiangs calls it mala.

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