Pizza History

Jun 06 2022 0 Comments

Pizza has a long and confusing history and is often the subject of intense debate. The origin of the word "pizza" is still unknown, but it was written in medieval latin as early as 997 ad. It was observed in the naples of the sixteenth century breadcrumbs were considered pizza. Back then, pizza was a dough that controlled the temperature of the oven. As a staple food for the poor, pizza is sold on the street and is not considered a staple food for long. Before the 17th century, pizza was covered with bechamel. It was later replaced by cheese, tomato or fish oil and in 1843 alexandre dumas pere explained the difference in pizza. In june 1889, in honor of queen margherita of savoy, chef rafael esposito created the "pizza margarita" - a pizza with tomato mozzarella and basil, which represents the colors of the italian flag. He was the first to combine cheese and pizza. At the moment it is not known what he will do after his resignation.

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