Precautions For Taking Medical Gelatin Capsules

Precautions For Taking Medical Gelatin Capsules

1. Do not open the shell when taking gelatin capsules

Some medicine products can irritate the esophagus and gastric mucosa, and in severe cases may even cause burns to internal organs. These medicine are packed into capsules to protect the medicinal properties from being destroyed, and also prevent damage to the esophagus and respiratory tract. The shell of the gelatin capsule can transport the medicine all the way into the intestinal tract, so that the irritating ingredients in the capsule can successfully avoid the decomposition of gastric acid, so the shell of the gelatin capsule also has the effect of stabilizing the medicine effect. Removing the outer shell of a gelatin capsule while taking it may make the medicine less effective and may have harmful or toxic side effects.

2. It is not advisable to swallow directly when taking gelatin capsules

When taking gelatin capsules, if swallowed dryly, the capsules will adhere to the esophagus after absorbing water. After dissolving, the local medicine  concentration will be too high, which will harm the esophagus, thereby causing damage to the gastric mucosa and even causing ulcers.

3. It is not advisable to take hot water when taking gelatin capsules

The gelatin capsule shell will absorb water and become soft in cold water, but will dissolve rapidly in hot water, destroying the protection of the capsule shell, and the medicine contained in the capsule will be released in advance, affecting the effectiveness and safety. Therefore, it is most suitable to take the gelatin capsule medicine with warm water.

To take gelatin capsules correctly, first take a glass of water with a moderate temperature (warm boiled water), first drink a mouthful of water to moisten the throat and esophagus, then put the capsule in the mouth, swallow the capsule and water together, and drink a few mouthfuls of water to ensure that the capsule is flushed into the in the stomach.
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