Principle And Application Of Microwave Digestion Apparatus

How the microwave digestion system works

microwave melting technology uses microwave penetration ability and activation reaction to heat objects and samples in airtight containers, increasing the pressure and reaction temperature in the sample tank, respectively, and significantly improving the reaction rate and sample preparation. Time is limited. In addition, it can control the reaction conditions, improve the accuracy of sample preparation, reduce environmental pollution, and improve the experimental working environment. Poaching or poaching with porcelain uses traditional methods, and samples typically require more than a few hours to digest. Even if you choose the most advanced conventional grill and install smoke equipment, it is difficult to prevent smoke leakage and suffocating odor during digestion. Sampling was carried out using a microwave digestion system for about ten minutes. During the digestion process, when the digestion tank is completely closed, there is no exhaust gas leakage and no toxic catalyst or fuel is required. Prevents sample loss due to flue gas instability during closed decomposition.

Using a microwave digester

    Microwave decomposition systems include atomic absorption (aa), plasma spectroscopy (icp), plasma spectroscopy և mass analysis (icp-ms), gas chromatography (gc), gas chromatography mass (gc-ms). Samples can be made և other equipment can be made. It is widely used for cooking.


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