Raw Material For Chocolate

Jun 06 2022 0 Comments

Chocolate is a dessert made with cocoa beets and cocoa butter. It has not only a light and delicious taste, but also a strong aroma. Chocolate directly or in the cake, ice cream, etc. can be used Romantic Valentine's Day is a hero of unchanging love.

Chocolate is small, very hot, tasty and delicious. Studies have shown that chocolate does not contain antioxidants in red wine. Chocolate is chocolate, which is a translation of chocolate, which many consider confusing.

Chinese chocolate production shows double-digit growth In general, the chocolate market is slowly shifting from a growing market to a mature market. In 2012, the country's annual chocolate production was 280,000 tons, an increase of 12% over the previous year. China imports 37,400 tonnes of chocolate, 4973 tonnes of chocolate, 11,523 tonnes of chocolate products - another 20,978 tonnes of chocolate worth $ 99.45 million; Chocolate is exported to 19,000 tons, with an export value of $ 76.99 million.

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