Scientific Dehumidification Is Very Important

Scientific Dehumidification Is Very Important

I slept 8 hours a day, but I always feel sleepy; I eat lightly, but my skin often gets acne and oily; I wash my hair tomorrow, but I always feel greasy; I brush my teeth very seriously, but I can still smell the peculiar smell in my mouth embarrassingly; although I am young, I feel dull pain in the joints when it rains on a cloudy day... These symptoms are mostly caused by the dampness in the body.

As the saying goes, a thousand colds are easy to go away, but a dampness is hard to get rid of. It is very important to scientifically remove dampness.

The first is moisture and the source of moisture. Chinese medicine divides dampness into two types, external dampness and internal dampness. External dampness, that is, external dampness invades the human body, such as raining or living in a cold and humid environment for a long time; internal dampness is due to the dysfunction of the spleen, which leads to the dysfunction of the viscera and cannot be metabolized normally.
Whether it is damp inside or outside, moisture is like an unexpected villain who breaks into the body without saying hello. ”, making the body a suitable soil for the growth of diseases for a while, so there are sayings such as “one wetness is difficult to remove” and “wetness is the source of all diseases”.

There are many clinical manifestations of heavy dampness, such as a big belly, easy sleepiness, heavy body, frequent oily hair, swollen face and eyes, fat tongue, sticky phlegm, white and greasy tongue coating, irritability, appetite Poor taste, bitterness in the mouth, difficulty in sweating, yellowing of the skin, red eyes, etc., these phenomena may be the signal of the re-emergence of moisture in the body.

External dampness is mostly caused by environmental factors, and internal dampness is related to lifestyle and eating habits, such as long-term inactivity, overeating or dieting to lose weight, fond of spicy and greasy food, preference for cold drinks in summer, etc.

If you want to solve a problem, you must first find the source of the problem. The easiest way to relieve dampness is to nourish the spleen and stomach. For example, when I came home one day and found that the faucet at home was not turned on tightly, and the water spread to the ground, should I choose to clean up the overflowing water or turn off the faucet first? Most people will choose the latter, only in this way can the problem of water problems be solved from the root.

If you want to get rid of dampness, daily health and prevention is the key. You can conduct self-examination according to your own living habits, and carry out daily prevention and improvement.

The scientific method of removing dampness is very simple, refuse cold drinks, develop the habit of going to bed early and getting up early, maintain a happy mood, don’t be influenced by emotions, improve immunity, keep the body always in a healthy state, and do not give opportunities for dampness to invade. The scientific method of removing dampness is a life-long affair. It is not necessary to fish for three days and dry the net for two days. It is necessary to understand a truth. What really guarantees health fundamentally is not medicine, but intentional changes to unhealthy lifestyles.

Cold drinks, ice cream and other foods with their own coolness enter the stomach, causing the yang qi to leak out, and the cool wind blown by the air conditioner will invade the body, causing the body to become more and more cold, and the cold and dampness trap the spleen. It is recommended to eat less ice cream, cold drinks, and less cold air from the air conditioner.

Spicy and greasy food such as hot pot, barbecue, malatang, etc., paired with beer, these foods hurt the spleen and stomach. It is okay to eat it occasionally, but it is recommended not to eat it often.

For sedentary people, the biggest amount of exercise every day is to walk from the door to the subway station, bus station, or garage. In the Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine, it is mentioned that prolonged sitting hurts the flesh. It is recommended to take some time every day to exercise properly, especially when many people are quarantined at home, and it is necessary to maintain good exercise habits.

There are also some people who always have a lot of things hidden in their hearts, thinking wildly every day, and are very anxious. Chinese medicine believes that thinking hurts the spleen. If you think too much every day, it is also a kind of torture to the spleen and stomach.
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