Single punch tablet press

Oct 12 2022 0 Comments

Single punch tablet press mainly consists of punching die, filling mechanism, filling adjustment mechanism, pressure adjustment mechanism and tablet output mechanism. The principle is that the rotation of the eccentric wheel drives the upper and lower punches to run, so that they produce relative motion and press into tablets. The function of the pressure regulator is to adjust the distance of the upper punch down, under the condition of certain filling, the more the upper punch down, the closer the distance between the upper and lower punch, the greater the pressure, and vice versa, the smaller the pressure. The filling adjusting mechanism includes the piece weight adjuster and the piece out adjuster. The piece weight adjuster is used to adjust the depth of the lower punch down (i.e. the Zdi position of the lower punch), in order to control the volume of the material in the hole of the middle die, i.e. the piece weight; the piece out adjuster can be used to adjust the height position of the lower punch up, generally adjusted to be level with the upper edge of the middle die.

Single-punch tablet press is an intermittent production equipment, its production efficiency is low, generally in 40-100 tablets/min: when pressing tablets, it is easy to produce lobes, noise and other shortcomings due to the one-way pressure of the upper punch. Single punch tablet press can be hand-operated or electric continuous tablet press, which is generally suitable for small batch production and laboratory trial production.

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