Spider webs are tougher than steel

Jun 07 2022 0 Comments Tags: Body Armor

Modern humans appeared 200,000 years ago, but we still don't know everything about our world

When it comes to steel, we all know that it is a very hard material and that many nearby weapons and armored vehicles are made of steel. But when I say that nature is ten times stronger than steel, do you believe me? In fact, we call this fabric spider silk. Spiders are stronger than silk. Spider silk lifts the weight of spiders and catches insects. No matter how much insects land on the net, the spider cannot be removed from the net.
Usually the same weight of spider silk is 10 times or more tougher than the same weight of steel. So some scientists imagined that if you use spider silk to weave a piece of clothing, is it better than bulletproof vests? So scientists used mathematical data to calculate this result. Computer results showed that if weaving clothes with spider silk, it would not only be lighter but also better bulletproof.

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