Status of domestic tablet presses

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Status of domestic tablet presses

1. There are many specifications and large quantities of tablet presses. Although the tablet press is the pharmaceutical equipment with the longest production history in my country, as well as the pharmaceutical equipment with the earliest export and the largest output. According to incomplete statistics: there are nearly 40 tablet press manufacturers in my country, with an output of nearly 2,000 units per year, and 60 product specifications. Chip, package chip and other chip types. It is an indisputable fact that the number, variety, specifications and output of tablet press manufacturers rank first in the world.

2. Simple operation. In recent years, tablet press manufacturers have begun to pay attention to product quality, and most of them believe in the business philosophy of "winning by quality". In view of the large number of domestic pharmaceutical manufacturers, a wide variety of tablets, and a small production scale. The tablet press product developed by the tablet press manufacturer has the characteristics of simple operation, convenient and quick cleaning, especially when changing varieties, the field is quickly and conveniently cleared.

3. The technical content is low and the technological innovation force is insufficient. At present, more than 40 domestic pharmaceutical equipment companies produce more than 60 tablet presses of various specifications.

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