Summary of the status quo of domestic tablet presses

Summary of the status quo of domestic tablet presses

Summary of the status quo of domestic tablet presses:

Although, new products are constantly being launched every year. But among them, there are very few varieties with high technical level and great added value. Product duplication is serious, plagiarism is prevalent, and there are dozens of manufacturers of a certain type of tablet press. In order to survive, many small-scale pharmaceutical equipment companies not only adopt an "imitation-type" strategy in technological innovation, but some manufacturers even rely on copying other people's technology as their own technological "innovation", and some even "shoddy". In order to compete for orders, price reduction methods are often adopted, because brand loyalty is low, and after the price war started, these brands suffered even more, and now the brand is constantly depreciating. If this situation cannot be reversed, it will inevitably lead to the overall backwardness of the design and manufacturing level of tablet presses in my country.

Most of the enterprises in our country are private enterprises, and they do not have advantages in technology, equipment, talents, etc., which seriously restrict the technological innovation of enterprises. Some enterprises lack R&D institutions, unsound innovation systems, technical personnel lack the awareness of technological innovation, the overall technical strength of enterprises is not strong, and the update speed of scientific research and production technology and equipment is very slow. The most noteworthy thing is that the technology talents in the entire industry are in a stage of "green and yellow". It can be said that the talent crisis is spreading throughout the industry.

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