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Sweat Is The Best Radiator, But These 5 Places To Sweat Must Not Be Careless!

by MAHONGBO 17 Jun 2022 0 Comments
Today we will talk about whether sweating is related to thyroid function.

Thyroid problems, not only the expression of love to sweat

The thyroid gland is located on both sides of the human Adam's apple and looks like a butterfly-shaped gland. However, we should not underestimate this small gland, which is in charge of the important organ of thyroid hormone secretion.

If the human body lacks or excessively secretes this hormone, it will cause the body's body temperature, energy metabolism, muscles, heart and other organs to fail to work normally, and even life-threatening in severe cases. Therefore, whether the thyroid function is normal or not is closely related to our health.

Sweating may be a manifestation of overactive thyroid function, because the thyroid is responsible for regulating energy production and secreting too much thyroid hormone, which will speed up the body's metabolic function and cause patients to sweat.However, sweating is not the only symptom of thyroid problems. In addition to sweating, the main symptoms of thyroid problems are as follows:

menstrual disorders

Women's long menstrual period, excessive menstrual blood, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms may be related to hypothyroidism; menstrual disorder, less menstrual blood, short menstrual period may be related to hyperthyroidism.

Sudden difficulty falling asleep

If the thyroid gland secretes too much thyroxine, it is easy to stimulate the central nervous system and cause insomnia.

However, when the thyroid is underactive, because the body cannot secrete enough thyroxine, there will be more sleep time than usual, such as feeling sleepy and tired after a full night of sleep.

Feeling anxious for no reason

If the thyroid is overactive, there will be inexplicable irritability symptoms, because too much thyroid hormone can cause inexplicable anxiety and tension in the patient.

frequent heart palpitationsFrequent constipation can be a sign of an underactive thyroid. If the thyroid function is underactive, the body secretes too little thyroid hormone, and stool is easy to accumulate in the intestines, resulting in frequent constipation; if the thyroid function is overactive, it will lead to an increase in the number of bowel movements.

Sweating does not mean that there is a problem with the thyroid gland. Sweating is also related to many reasons. Physiological sweating is normal, such as high temperature, excessive clothing, excessive exercise, high pressure or tension, and sweat glands in the armpit. Wait, these factors will cause love to sweat.

Sweating does not equal detoxification, and sweating may be a sign of illness!

Many people think that sweating means that the body is detoxifying. In fact, sweating is a common physiological phenomenon in the human body. The process of sweating is an instinctive physiological function of the human body in regulating body temperature. The components of sweat are basically water.

Therefore, it is unscientific to say that sweating is equivalent to detoxification. If under the same conditions, people who do the same work as themselves do not sweat, but they sweat profusely, they should be alert to abnormal sweating.

In addition, if it is not due to exercise, hot weather, excessive clothing, etc., or sweating a lot for no reason, it is necessary to be vigilant at this time, and it may be caused by excessive sweating caused by disease.


Diabetic patients who are usually treated with insulin will be accompanied by hypoglycemia at the same time. During the onset of the disease, unexplained sweating is prone to occur, and patients with hypoglycemia will keep cold sweats.

· Menopause syndrome

Due to the decrease in the secretion of estrogen during menopause, the body will experience a variety of discomforts, such as night sweats, insomnia and dreaminess, and hot flashes.When diabetic patients are complicated with neuropathy, the autonomic nerve function is damaged, the nerve function that controls the sweat glands is disordered, and the body is prone to sweating.

These 5 parts of the body sweat, don't take it lightly

In addition to physiological sweating, excessive sweating in these areas may also be associated with disease:

Excessive sweating of the hands and feet: sweating of the hands and feet is a sign of yin deficiency and heat;

Excessive perspiration on the head: Excessive perspiration on the head accompanied by weakness of limbs, thirst and fullness of the upper abdomen, indicating that there is accumulated food and need to reduce the food intake;

Heart and chest sweating: If the heart and chest sweat a lot, accompanied by insomnia, poor appetite and other symptoms, it may be related to heart and spleen deficiency caused by excessive thinking;

Excessive sweating in the neck: Excessive sweating in the neck may be caused by endocrine disorders in the body, because endocrine disorders can lead to abnormal temperature regulation, and sweat secretion will be affected, resulting in excessive neck sweating.
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