Tableting die

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When tableting die is used
1. Sprinkle the finely ground and dried sample powder evenly on the lower indenter of the mold, press and rotate the upper indenter by hand to make the sample powder even and flat. If vacuuming is required, place the O-ring of the upper indenter against the die sleeve, insert an air-extracting hose on the air-extraction nozzle (usually no vacuuming is required), place the entire die set in the center of the table of the tablet press, and tighten the screw of the tablet press, you can suppress it. The pressure should not exceed 10 tons (the specific pressure gauge corresponds to the MPa number, please refer to the pressure comparison table of the tablet press used), and keep the pressure for 1-2 minutes.
2. In the process of taking the mold, remove the mold base, place the indenter on the mold sleeve as a whole in the center of the table of the tablet press, and rotate the screw of the tablet press by hand to release the mold
3. Before using the mold, use alcohol to remove the oil between the smooth surfaces of the upper and lower pressure heads. After the mold is used, clean the whole set, and apply oil or Vaseline and store it in a desiccator to avoid corrosion.

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