The electronic counting machine is a high-tech medicine counting and filling equipment integrating photoelectric motor.

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Main Specifications:
1. Applicable drug range: 00~5# capsules, Ф5.5~16 plain tablets, sugar-coated tablets, Ф3-16 pills, 00~5# transparent soft capsules.
2. Applicable bottled containers: plastic bottles and glass bottles with an inner diameter of the bottle mouth of Ф20-40, a bottle diameter of Ф35-60, and a bottle height of 20-150.
3. Loading range: 20-9999 adjustable.
4. Counting speed: 1000-4000 grains/min
5. Counting speed: 20-30 bottles/min (depending on the dosage form, bottle specifications, filling volume and bottle releasing speed).
6. Counting error: ≤1‰
7. Power and power: AC220V 50HZ 0.5KW
8. Weight: 110Kg
9. Dimensions: 110×37×69(cm)
Safety Precautions:
1. Confirm that the equipment is installed smoothly.
2. The power supply must have a reliable grounding. Replacing, plugging and unplugging the power plug should cut off the main power.
3. When maintaining the equipment, clearing the site, and cleaning the equipment, the power supply must be cut off. For example, when cleaning parts such as the hopper and the vibration plate, do not splash the cleaning liquid on the electrical components.
4. When maintaining, clearing, and repairing the equipment, pull out the connectors. It is strictly forbidden to pull the wires. Grasp the connector head and pull it out slowly to avoid open circuit.
5. The cable entry on the electrical installation board in the chassis is AC220V, please pay attention to safety!

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